My Dolce Vida
My Dolce Vida
Photography & Musings by Tracy Russo


I began blogging in 1999 to connect and commuicate with others. When I studied abroad, that blog chronicaled my college memories and occasional culture shock. I leveraged my love of blogging and online communities into a career in politics and I retired that blog to focus on professional pursuits. 

In 2017, I relocated to Florence, Italy. I spend my free time learning Italian, traveling to new and beloved places, and exploring through the lens of my camera. I created this blog to share those moments, images, and experiences.

dolce |dohl*chey|

ADJECTIVE sweet; soft

ORIGIN Italian, literally, sweet, from Latin dulcis.

ALSO a family surname. 

vida |vee*dah|

NOUN life; living

ORIGIN Spanish, From Latin vīta, from Proto-Italic *gʷītā.

ALSO a callback to my childhood in Florida.